Every morning
we wake up

is a second chance
to starting things over.


because "later" often
means "never."

first step

is always the hard one.
The second step comes naturally.

Orlando Florida: Alcohol Drug Rehab

Addiction: The Scourge of Society

Addiction is an indiscriminate disease that erases any and all priorities, replacing them with the substance our mind craves. Whether illegal drugs, prescription medications, or alcohol, addiction can cripple the victim’s relationships, career, finances, and even their very lives. Addiction rehab is a method that helps to treat the disease and help addicts re-enter society as clean/sober, productive members. In rehab, addicts learn about triggers that cause them to use or drink and how to resist them in the future. They will also go through the process of detox, where the substance is no longer being used or consumed and the body begins to flush it out of the system.
Drug Alcohol Rehab Florida tackles this disease, head on, with fact-driven techniques and research.

Addiction Rehab Florida

Drug Alcohol Rehab Florida aims to understand each client’s addiction so that the best approach can be applied. Addiction affects everyone differently, and can have varying side-effects and collateral damage. Each client is given a personalized treatment program that has been specifically tailored to their circumstances and addiction. The first step in any situation, however, is to get the addict to realize that their dependency on a substance (or in some cases, substances) is unhealthy and problematic. For this it is heavily recommended that family and friends of an addict band together for an intervention. An intervention is not treatment, and it will not prevent the addict from using, but it is the right way to start things out. The first step to fixing a problem is admitting that there is one, and that is the primary purpose.

Once in rehab, addicts are going to need to detox from their substance. This will be medically supervised, as there can be harmful side-effects due to withdrawal symptoms. This can be accomplished through certain medications or, if necessary, an IV can be used in order to provide nutrition and fluids into the body. Some may think that the only method for detox is to quit “cold-turkey,” or without any weaning process. This is actually not true, and in some cases can even be fatal. The goal with detox is not to end the dependency and it is not treatment by itself. The goal of detox is to help the addict’s body and mind unaffected by the toxins and chemicals that infect it.

Here to Help

This disease is profoundly serious and can be terrifying to go through. It is rather common for addicts to harm themselves and those they love and are surrounded by, evident by the number of domestic violence cases that are related to severe alcoholism. While the road may seem dark, there is a way to navigate it and there is a light to follow. The programs offered by Drug Alcohol Rehab Florida are proven successful. Call (305) 614-5204 to speak to someone about getting help for yourself or for a loved one today. Remember, it is never too late to turn things around, especially when it comes to your livelihood.